Gordan Mandich

Mosaicist & Sculptor

Artist's Background

Gordan Mandich, Melbourne-based mosaicist has been working with mosaics for the last 11 years. After years of oil painting he came across mosaics as an art form and discovered new challenges and possibilities in its application. On a few occasions Gordan visited Ravenna, Italy, the renown center of mosaic art. He completed a master course and brought new techniques, skills and great inspiration back to Australia. Today Gordan is one of the finest Australian mosaic artists.

Gordan creates original pieces of distinction using superior materials with the highest standard of workmanship. His creations include 2 and 3 dimensional works such as murals, tables, sculptures and fountains, etc. Designs are often developed together with the client, designer or architect in a process that takes into account the colors, style, environment and theme of mosaics that would best suit, clients’ needs, and complement their lifestyle. 

Venetian smalti and marble are chiefly used to achieve both contemporary and classical mosaics of the highest quality. Contemporary works reflect the influence of the natural world together with the abstract and subjective. Ancient Greek and Roman designs provide Gordan with endless inspiration for the classical pieces often sought by his clients. 

Gordan Mandich has exhibited in numerous galleries, exhibitions and nurseries – Telstra House in Melbourne, Melbourne Home Show, Melbourne Flower and Garden Show, Manyung Gallery in Mt Eliza, Artholes Gallery, Darebin Art Centre, etc.

Gordan’s talent has been most recently recognized by an Australian Council Grant for the Arts through CERES, in the public art project ‘Gateway to CERES’. His work has been included in the book by Sarah Kelly titled "The Essential Guide to Mosaics" published in Australia. (This book is published under different names in UK, USA, Canada and New Zeland).

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